3TOPS 4lt

4lt and 5lt tinplate containers for sale in supermarkets, with a unique packaging , perfect for use in cooking either in restaurant kitchens or at home.
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Rich dark green colour with thick texture.
Balanced aromas of tomato leaves, tomato, freshly cut grass, nuts and banana.
3TOPS is named after the three mountain peaks of Trikorfo and the high altitude of the surrounding area, which is in the outskirts of the Wildlife Refuge of Kalligas. Every taste of the 3TOPS olive oil unlocks aromas that remind of the mountain’s freshness and diverse soil among other characteristics of Trikorfo. Its balanced taste and moderate intensity makes it an ideal addition to Greek salads and vegetables, as well as with white cheese.
  • Net weight4lt
  • Gross weight4000gr
  • Width15.5cm
  • Depth12cm
  • Height29cm

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