Our Story

A history of olive oil that spans over a century

Since 1896

Our story from 1896

In 1896, our great grandfather, Papa-Apostolis, the village clergyman, created the first olive press using only stones and fiber mats in mountainous Messinia. Having grown up among the olive trees , he was fond of the intense taste and distinct aroma of high-quality olive oil. Today, we the Anagnostopoulos family, proudly embody the same passion and respect for authentic Greek extra virgin olive oil. We continue to produce an olive oil that comes from the fertile Messinian soil, all while embracing the dedication of the locals who reside there.


Our culture

We are proud to call Messinia our home, which we humbly believe is home to the world’s best olives trees. These trees exude our premium local olive oil with its distinctive and ethereal features. Our two production units, located in Trikorfo and Manesi, produce olive oil of the Koroneiki variety with meticulous precision in terms of conditions from production speed to temperature. We have long implemented state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to enhance our product to reach its full, delectable potential.


Our goals for the future generations

As we look into the future, we strive to continue on a path of authenticity. Embodying our family’s values, we ensure we always take a non-invasive approach to the environment, with green development being one of our primary goals. We are keen on discovering new ways to produce olive oil in innovative ways, all while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our traditional products reflect the love for the precious Greek land that gave them life. Our great grandfather wouldn’t have it any other way.