Organic Olives

We’d love to introduce the newest addition to our One & Olive Premium line of products: Our Organic Kalamata Olives! Kalamata Olives are a product that has been identified with Greek cuisine and gourmet Mediterranean dishes. The handpicked olives arrive at the dining table having preserved all their vitamins and rich taste. They are a great accompaniment for spirits, salads, and appetizers.
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Almond shaped olives with juicy, rich and fruity taste. The color varies from brown to deep purple.
Kalamata olives extra jumbo size.
  • Marinated and packaged in saltwater and organic vinegar, without additional preservatives.
  • 100% picked by hand to protect the sensitive flesh.
  • Black with dark purple color, almond- shaped.
  • Juicy, rich and fruity taste. Crisp and full of aromas, it is the perfect addition to any dish.
  • They ripen on the tree with the aid the sunlight before harvest.
  • A key ingredient of Mediterranean & Greek cuisine, ideal for a healthy diet.
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